Rescue Board



1985 – 2015







For over 30 years the Mayday-Hansa-Board (MHB) has been delivered to rescue professionals   for rapid and safe deployment in the rescue of humans and animals in distress. The MHB is a lightweight yet highly durable multi-use board easily carried to the rescue scene regardless of terrain. Upon rapid deployment of the MHB the rescuer simply pushes, picks or paddles to the scene.  Upon arrival the rescuer sits on the non-skid surface at the bow and pulls the distressed up on the MHB then signaling onshore personnel to pull to safety. Hand straps allow for rescue of 5 to 7 people or straddle a dog without risking injury.

MHB comes with a combination of tools to provide a quick and professional rescue.

  • Sure-Grip Handles
  • Throw Bag (75’)
  • Peep Hole
  • Hand Strap (7)
  • Safety Belt (1)
  • Rescue Bag
  • Double Paddle
  • Telescopic Ice Staff
  • Floating Tender Line (900’) / Stand
  • Thermal Bag
  • Ice Picks
  • Brite-Strike


  • Length: 11’ / 335cm
  • Width: 25” / 64cm
  • Weight: 66lbs. / 30kgs.
  • Buoyancy: 660lbs / 300kgs.


  • Rotational Cast Polythene
  • Environmentally Benign Foam Core
  • Stainless Steel Handles and Fasteners

Warranty: 5 Years (10 years maximum)

Maximum warranty is 10 years pursuant to annual inspection and notification to supplier of product.