Waterproof Communications

The CEAN SAR-COMM “Patent Pending” is a game changer with its unique “Waterproof”  quick  system that allows for clear uninterupted communication even if the user is in the water. Made of high quality material and NATO compliant the CEAN SAR-COMM provides the easiest and most economical way to communicate in any waterborne environment. Boat Forces, Law Enforcement, NATO, Search-n-Rescue and others that require completely “Waterproof” communications can now rest with the CEAN SAR-COMM to keep you connected on your vessel, jet ski or just floating down stream.

CEAN SAR-COMM connects to many radios on the market with a variety noted below and available with dual comms upon request.Cean-Comm-PTT-withg-Icom-Radio-With-Helmet

  • ICOM (All models)
  • Motorola Astro-Spectra, GP3
  • Horizon (HX37- / HX290)
  • Nexus TP120 (Air), TP120(Land), (AP117),  Nexus-107 , Nexus-AP117

CEAN SAR-COMM was designed for the XT4 quick attach ear pad mount by providing connection to hand held radios, intercom and wireless systems.

Technical Specifications:Cean-Comm-PTT-withg-Icom-Radio

  • Ear pad Assembly – Acetal – Characterized by good wear and abrasion resistance and a wide range of chemical resistance.
  • Speaker – 36mm Mylar cone. 8 0hm .8W tuned to voice audio frequencies. Max 85dB sound pressure.
  • Gooseneck – 150mm of 6mm Abeillon stainless steeland Brass non-corroding sheathed in 6.22mm heatshrink. Fungus, oil, acid and solvent resistant.
  • Microphone – Electrect (-53dB) or Dynamic 200 0hm according to use. Both noise cancelling. Sealed to IP67 with Monacor wind shield (WS20/40).
  • PTT Button – Apem momentary press IP67 with rubber boot.
  • Assembly: 3 / A2 stainless screws.
  • Cable connectors: Heatshrunk 1.2mm
  • External cabling: PUR UV protected 4 * .2mm cores with screen or OEM interface cables.
  • Mass: 120-160g, depending on microphone.